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Neeco-Tron, Inc / 400 Trade Center Drive / St Peters, MO 63376

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Samsung CP45FV


Pick and Place SMT

Uses quick change carts for efficient setup


Uses 7 cameras to ensure accuracy


Has 6 pickup heads for to ensure efficient operation



Sciencescope Reflow Oven Model 850N


8-Zone Reflow oven for RoHS and Lead Solder processing

Provides the versatility to handle various types of work

Science Scope Lead-Free Solder Wave

Model FL-ADS450D


Neeco-Tron has the capability to handle your lead solder and lead-free solder manufacturing needs. With the use of state of the art equipment we can achieve your manufacturing requirements.





AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection


Utilizing optical comparison the AOI can verify component placement, value, polarity, solder coverage and damage.


This allows us to process surface mount boards consistently and efficiently


Creative Designs for Electronic Controls

   Your One Stop Quality Source for Domestic and Import




Samsung SM421/S Multifunction SMT

Assembly System


Places 21K parts/hour


Accuracy for 0402 placement

Uses a powerful vision algorithm for split recognition of large components


Flying camera allows greater accuracy while placing parts



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Neeco-Tron strives to maintain state of the art equipment to meet all your manufacturing needs

Surface Mount Capabilities allow fine pitch and components down to 0402


We can process lead-Free and Traditional leaded solders in both Surface Mount and Through-Hole Assemblies

Neeco-Tron, Inc.


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